How It Works

Café Connect Brings People Together.

How Does it Work?

Simply fill out a short questionnaire and submit your registration to Café Connect. Your information will be entered into the database. If the person you are looking for also registers with Cafe Connect, we will have a match and notify you.

Mutual Consent Assures The Person We Find Wants to Meet You Too

It can be a scary proposition to look for a birth parent or adopted child. What if the birthparent doesn’t want to meet? What if the birth parent has kept the adoption a secret and doesn’t want to reveal their past? Or on the other side, what if the adopted child doesn’t even know they are adopted? Or what if the adopted child has no interest in meeting their biological family? Café Connect is a registry that allows both searching parties to find each other. When the match is made you know you are both looking and willing to connect so the vulnerability piece is taken out of the picture.

Sunlight on My Shadow: A Memoir

A Birthmother's Journey From Secrecy to Renewal. Read the whole story in this recently released book by Judy Liautaud

In 1966, Judy is 16 and pregnant. Sent from her catholic school to a home for unwed mothers, she carries guilt for her actions until decades later, when she seeks out the daughter she once gave up. Sunlight on My Shadow is a powerful and moving memoir.

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Why Search?

If you were separated by adoption, we want to help you reunite. Reunions bring life full circle and fill in the missing pieces.

Our registry listing is FREE

There is no cost to be listed on our mutual consent search and find registry. This is a private listing and is monitored by staff to put matches together. Simply click the Sign Up button and fill out a short questionnaire. We will contact you if a match occurs. We will give you the contact information of the person you are seeking at no charge.

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