FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How does Cafe Connect's Registry work?
You simply answer ten questions about the person you are looking for. Once this information is submitted, it will be entered into our matching registry. If your person registers with Cafe Connect, a match will be made and we will contact you.
2. What does Mutual Consent Registry mean?
Both parties must register on Cafe Connect for an introduction to be facilitated. This means that both parties are searching and willing to be contacted.
3. What are the chances that I will find the person I am looking for?
There is no guarantee that a match will be made, but if you believe in serendipity and both parties are ready to connect, perhaps each will be led to Cafe Connect. We do regular advertising to grow our registry list.
4. What if I find my person on my own?
Please let us know you have found your match so that we can delete your information from the registry.
5. How much does it cost?
There is no charge to be listed on our PRIVATE Mutual Consent Registy, and if a match is made, the contact information will be given to you FREE of charge. You may take out an AD for $9.95/year to be listed on the Search Page of our Blog.
6. What should I do if I move or change phone numbers?
Please send an email to data at cafeconnect.com with your new information. We will update your record to ensure that we can contact you if a match is made.
7. What happens if a match is made?
Once we verify that you and the person you are looking for is registered on Cafe Connect, we will contact you. If you would like the contact information we will give it to you free of charge. If you would like us to facilitate a meeting, we can do this for a fee of $95.
8. Why do you need my name and address?
This information is necessary for us to contact you if a match is made.We respect your privacy and will never publish or share your personal information.
9. Is the registry published somewhere?
No. In order to protect the privacy of seeking parties, no one has access to the registry data except staff at Cafe Connect who review the data regularly to find potential matches.Purchased ads are published on our blog and only posted after your approval.
10. Why would an adoptee or birth parent want to search? Isn't it best to leave things in the past.
Many birth parents give up their child because of external circumstances and there is often a substantial amount of loss and grief. Many wonder what became of their child and just want to know they are doing well and have thrived. Adoptees often would like to fill in the missing pieces of their heritage and often can find an understanding to their personalities and physical characteristics. It can be a healing journey for both parties.